Cab And Driver Services

Catch a drive quick

Simply key in your area and evaluate the sort of outing you might want to take. We show the admission gauge and dispense a driver from our wide organization of thoroughly prepared drivers spread across urban areas at each kilometer. Like a blaze, our drivers will show up in practically no time to DriveU to your objective securely.

Real-time Tracking

Focus on your driver as he arrives at your get area, so you don’t sit around idly calling and actually looking at their flow area. Share your whereabouts with your loved ones to refresh them about your area while you’re riding with our live following element.

User guide

When the user launches the application for the first time, he should come across the well-defined user guide. It should cover all and every aspect of the application making it easy for the user to perform the task. Such type of app introduction guide helps the user to understand the features of the application and its core function. It should be a UX rich user guide.


City Drivers

Whether you need to go for your weekly grocery shopping trips, pick kids from school or are looking for a relaxed ride back home or to a business meeting, we have you covered. Our drivers across the city would love to chauffeur you from wherever you are. So, let our drivers deal with the traffic, the signals or traffic rules, while you enjoy your ride.

Outstation Drivers

Why sit tight for a long end of the week for a loosening up excursion to your number one escape? Let the strain of driving significant distances, security and dealing with the course be on our delicate driver. Allow your retreat to begin while you’re out and about rather than when you arrive at your objective.