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Borders between any two countries have always been a subject of attraction and intrigue for both citizens of the countries as well as travellers and tourists visiting them. Borders are in fact the end and beginning of many things, that define the countries divided by them. Moreover, the places, towns, and villages located near the borders inherit a very distinct history and culture. These villages havepopular ‘Wagah Border’ in their own very interesting stories to tell. India, which is landlocked towards the north and a peninsula towards the south, shares some famous as well as some infamous borders with its neighbours. While the very Amritsar is very well known to us, especially for its ‘lowering of the flags’ ceremony, which is a big draw for the tourists, the borders towards the east and northeast of India, still remain unexplored to a great extent. Today we bring to you, one such village, which is the last Indian village near Indo-Tibet/China border and certainly not among the usually popular.

Nearby Places of Mana

Vyas cave
Ghantakarna Temple
Vashundra falls

                            Top Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Mana

Mana being the last known village on the Indo-Tibetan border has many religious and scenic spots to show. Badrinath and Neelkanth are a few of them. You can tighten up your shoelaces because you can enjoy trekking to a few spots from here. It is a very attractive spot for the devotees but also has a lot for adventure enthusiasts Some of the great spots of mana are listed below


About 3.2 km by road and then a trek of approx 7 km from the village. the Neelkanth Peak also known as the Queen of Garhwal is situated at an altitude of about 6597 m from the sea level.

Saraswati Temple

Dedicated to the Saraswati river which is known to be one of the sacred rivers according to the Hindu mythology, Saraswati temple is visited by a lot of devotees. It is situated in the valley and reaching this temple would require 1 km ride and 1 km trek.

Vasudhara Falls

Located at a distance of approximately 8 km from the Mana village, the Vasudhara falls is another attraction for the tourists visiting this place. It is just a 2.8 km by road and then approx 5 to 6 km trek has to be done to witness these breathtaking fall. Though it is a very tiring and a long trek but once you reach this place, your tiredness will be washed away with the panoramic views of the valley.

Bheem Pull

Mana being a religious spot has a number of places that have significance in Hindu Mythology, and one of them is the Bheem Pul. It is said to be one of the bridges which were made by the mightiest brother amongst Pandavas named as Bheem. He threw the boulder over the Saraswati river to help his family cross the bridge. It is also a striking view which can come in handy for those who want some pictures with the natural beauty. Situated at a distance of 350 metres this pull also attracts the nature enthusiasts.

Mata Murti Temple

This temple is devoted to Lord Narayan’s mother. If we were to go by the folklore, it is said that Mata Murti requested Lord Vishnu to take birth as her son, which was granted by him so he took birth in a form of twins named, Nar and Narayan. People usually go there during the month of August because there is a very big annual fair that is held in this temple.

Vyas Gufa

This is the place which is popular because the great Hindu Sage Ved Vyas lived in the Mana town and it is said that he wrote the 4 Vedas in this very cave. This cave is just 200 metres away from the village.

Tapt Kund

Visited by a lot of travellers throughout the year, Tapt Kund is a sacred natural kund/pond. It is also known to be the dwelling place of Lord Agni.

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