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There are 3 main types of tours :

1. Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing can be done in various ways, and although the most popular tends to be sightseeing by tour bus or coach, some companies offer sightseeing walking tours, like those through the streets of New Hill Station areas like Mussoorie, Kedarnath, Nainital and the World Trade Center Monument will be on the itinerary. If you become a sightseeing tour guide, learning how to drive a charter tour bus is an essential skill to have on your resume and nowadays, you are more likely to be hired as a sightseeing guide if you can provide the narration and drive the tour bus.

2. Shore Excursion Tours

Shore excursions are offered as part of a cruise ship itinerary which can include river cruise ships, charter yachts, and other boats. Travelling by sea will lead tourists to various ports along the coastline of countries, which are interesting to explore. Often, cruise liners will have deals with many of the vendors and resorts on shore at the ports to provide tourists with the ultimate day tour experience. Cruise liners hire shore excursion guides to provide the tourists going ashore with the best possible trip within a short timeframe.

3. Adventure or Sporting Tours

Adventure tours are extremely popular and provide people with an exciting way of traveling. Adventure and sports fanatics can enjoy tours catered to their individual skills and are led by a tour guide highly experienced in that particular sport. When you apply to be an adventure tour guide, you will have to disclose your level of expertise in that sport or discipline and produce necessary qualifications if required, in order to take groups of people. For example, a mountaineering tour guide will need to not only be proficient in scaling mountains safely, but also have a mountaineering guide certificate in order to lead adventure tour groups. Special interest clientele are what most tour companies cater for nowadays, where women only tours, biking tours, river rafting tours, sailing tours, horse riding tours, and cycling tours are in high demand.

Other Types of Tours

Albeit these three are the principal kinds of visits, there are different visits that fall under these classes including hunting visits, safari visits, eco-visits, building and expressive arts visits, and, surprisingly, visual visits. Visit organizations by and large select a particular sort of visit to offer their clients.

Combining Tours

Numerous week or drawn out visits can really consolidate various kinds of visits into one pleasant experience. A regular schedule of a visit could start with a thrilling cycling visit through the open country, prompting a port city where the gathering sheets a journey transport.

The visit proceeds to another nation, and a shore trip is arranged. In the wake of rejoining the voyage transport, the gathering arrives at their objective in one more nation, where a touring visit through the city by mentor is coordinated.

Event Travel

Traveling abroad to attend an event like a music festival, sports event, Coachella or a cultural festival sounds amazing, doesn’t it? This is a great way of exploring a completely new place and experiencing the excitement of the event celebrations. Moreover, people from all over the world come to attend such events. This means it is a great opportunity to make new friends and learn about new cultures!

Backpacking Trip

One ought to go on a hiking trip no less than once in the course of their life. This excursion is like no other and provides you with a feeling of opportunity with no strain, no responsibility. It is simply you and the world for you to investigate. Exploring through a nation, regardless of whether it is a brief excursion will make you see the world from an alternate perspective. Every so often may be hard yet this outing will give you a lot of stories to impart to your friends and family.

Solo Travel

This is in actuality, perhaps the best kind of movement. This movement offers you an opportunity to find yourself while you travel solo. Shockingly, many individuals are hesitant to traveling solo however setting out on a performance excursion will end up being a groundbreaking and compensating trip. You get to do anything you desire, eat anything you desire, and change your excursion according however you would prefer with practically no tension for anybody.

Family Vacation

Family vacations are the best way of relaxing and connecting with your family. With the increasing pressure of everyday life, one rarely gets the time to spend quality moments with their family. With work, home chores, assignments, and tests, parents, and children simply go through about their daily routine without bonding.

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